Rome. I am so sick of that place.

Tired too. It’s exhausting.

Every day. I wake up and think…

Today I’ll go somewhere else

Different. How hard can it be?

It should be easy.

But all roads lead there.


All roads lead there.

If I could -I would

Unbrick the Colosseum

and from those ruins

Pave a new way.

Through the shaded rows of cypress trees

And beyond

To the vineyards

And the sharp freshness

Of lemon tree groves.


To the Basilica di San Lorenzo

And the gothic beauty of

Santa Maria Novello.

Go further to

Piazza della Signoria,

where Michaelangelo’s David

Prepares to battle Goliath,

His marble face-

Caught between choice and action.


Onwards to

Genoa where long before-

Explorers sought.

New sights

New places

New tastes

Even a New World.

Christopher Columbus

Peering towards the horizon

With hope

With determination

Fearless and sure

Navigating an uncertain life

With the mindful courage of change.


And all roads do not lead there.

But what a way to live!

That choice, that life.

Can I- by choosing,

Put wind in my own sail?

And steer a course

Towards a land of my own making.

In this space between

Choice and action

I wonder.

By Fiona Lochhead  April 16th 2017