(proper non-mythological creature that does exist…honest!)


Far from the dark and lonely shore

From the camera lights and the traffic roar.

Nessie waits for a time to belong

The monster sings a lonesome song.


Dark ages have passed the frozen deep

And fish swim where the fossils sleep.

But Nessie has lived in a world that ends

To mourn the loss of time and friends.


She bides her time in the Loch and still

Watching and waiting for hunters that kill.

She casts sad eyes at the fisherman’s net

The Loch Ness Monster extinct? Not yet.


She longs to see the lights of land

And feel the touch of beach and sand.

But the world above is a dangerous place

Where she can never show her face.


And so she hides where they never know

And trawls the graveyard far below.

Is there a place she can belong?

The monster sings her lonesome song.


By Fiona Lochhead   2009